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I am very pleased that you have reached out to me. I hope we will be able to talk soon and maybe create a great project. I am incredibly lucky to have been able to turn this passion into a way of life, which constantly fills me with joy. For many years it has been with me everywhere I go and in fact, I see the world around me mostly through my photographic eye, so I can see more and experience more. I love observing people and the world, I can listen, empathize and let emotions be present in my life all the time. I graduated from psychology, but I couldn't stay in one place. I lived in Poland, Denmark, Sicily, India, Spain, Dubai - United Arab Emirates for over 6 years and now it's time for Belgium - Brussels! It is here that I found love and am happily married to a Hungarian.

My love for travel, people, nature inspired me and made me overcome challenges to take great photos. My life constantly revolves around photography and my camera accompanies me everywhere, because you never know when you will come across a beautiful and special shot.

I love learning about new cultures, tastes of local cuisines and I am not afraid to experiment in the kitchen. I have visited over 60 countries and hundreds of cities and towns. I have climbed volcanoes, invested in art in Central Africa, watched shooting stars in New Zealand and slept in a cave in the jungle... These are just some of the crazy stories I can tell you.

I love getting lost in the city and watching the hustle and bustle of the city. But what fascinates me the most is nautura and animals. Waterfalls, mountains, forests, meadows, lakes, beaches. These places in every latitude are beautiful. I often wonder how the same place would look like at sunrise or sunset, in summer or winter, how I would position the model to reflect the character of the place.  

I will create memories in a nice atmosphere. Believe me - you will have fun in front of my camera. I work in Brussels, but I will be happy to travel to other regions of Belgium, Poland or Europe. If you are from outside this region and you want to work with me or you see me as your photographer - don't wait either.  

                                                                                                See you!



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