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Love is like the wind. You can't see it, but you can feel it.

Solo, Anniversary, Proposal, Engagement, Honeymoon, Rock the Dress, Boudoir or Couple intimates, whatever your reason, I offer Storytelling. Treat yourself and your partner to the ultimate romantic experience.  You can enjoy a fun, romantic photoshoot and receive a print of your favourite image that you can both cherish. Immortalise your relationship in a photograph that shows your love for each other. It is a fantastic anniversary gift to each other and a lovely keepsake that you can hang from the wall.

Build at the same time a romantic love story composed of authentic images in spectacular locations that only a local expert photographer can indicate. Unique and creative compositions that recall Brussels in all its beautiful splendor. Favoring fun and joyful images. As you walk around and enjoy the day. In a candid and spontaneous way. With unique angles and creative style. Adapting the approach according to your personal preference. Creating authentic and non conventional picture memories for your photoshoot.

How does it work?

First I’ll ask you about your relationship and your thoughts about Brussels, Ghent, Bruge, place where you would like to do photosession (what draws you to it). We’ll set a time and place for the photo shoot and discuss what you’re planning to wear.
The shoot can be a fun 1 hour photo session, or a half-day or full-day outing with a team of makeup artists, hair stylists.


Our advice to have the best photos and the best experience is to do it early at sunrise or sunset.
Depending on the time of the year we may suggest any time between 6 a.m and 9a.m. or between 6 p.m. and

9 p.m.
We might also suggest one to two hours before sunset because the light is buttery and the heat starts to subside.

What to wear?

Come prepared to have fun and feel relaxed during our shoot. Wear clothes that you feel comfortable in and move well on the beach. You may be most comfortable wearing lightweight pieces and natural fibers. About colors, we would suggest colors that compliment each other and to avoid wearing any busy patterns or stripes. But the main thing is that you feel YOUR BEST!  So wear whatever makes you feel your best.

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