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8 Quick and Easy Poses for Family Photographs

Have you taken family pictures yet?

Natural family poses very rarely happen … well, naturally! The thought of posing for a photo is intimidating for many people, and even more so when parents have to not only consider themselves, but also their kids.

Here are some ideas how to create some interesting family photos!

1. Walking poses

Walking (or strolling) poses are the perfect way to start when photographing a family.

Why? Because it helps burn off nervous energy and keeps young ones from getting bored too quickly!

It is a great pose for all families, especially if they feel a little nervous or stiff. Have them line up and walk towards you while they look at each other and laugh.

2. “One, two, three, jump!”

This pose is great for mobile kids! Instruct the family to take three steps then ::pause:: so the kiddo can jump into the air as the parents smile and watch.

3. Run ahead

An excellent pose for mobile kids! While the parents walk slowly, kids should hold hands and skip ahead.

4. Walk and talk

We love this pose for families with babies, twins, and teens! Family can just stroll along slowly, side-by-side. Just look anywhere but not a photographer.

5. Piggy-back rides

A fun pose with siblings! If one sibling is bigger than another, you can ask if the older child can carry the younger one in a piggy-back ride. If the kids aren’t quite old enough (or steady enough) for that move, they’ll definitely love getting piggy-back rides from parents.

6. Playful

Having fun is one of the best parts of the yours experience. Photograph the children building sandcastles, enjoying the playground, throwing a ball, or playing a game with their parents to help keep everything light and fun.

Having playful photos of the family completes the story of the session and also shows a more lighthearted side to the family. It also makes the session less stiff and serious.

7. Standing poses

When it comes to photographing families, a standing pose is a great choice. This way, you’ll be able to see all family members in the portrait.

You can vary the standing pose with the family close together, connecting in one way or another with hands. Having the family get close can help to create more of a connection between the family members.

8.Sitting pose

Sitting is another great pose to try. Seated poses are the most inclusive family photo ideas.

Why? Because they’re great for all ages and abilities! If there is anyone who has problems sitting or getting low we can try and use a chair or a posing stool.

  • Beautiful blankets

These are some great ideas:

  • big, fluffy blankets that complement the family’s wardrobe

  • lightweight chairs

  • colorful ottomans

  • footstools or bar stools

  • Sweet kisses

We love the connection this pose creates! Encourage your kids to kiss parent’s cheek, and vice versa.

  • Animal friends

Dogs, cats, lizards, llamas: they’re part of the family, too! And it’s easiest to get a photo of Doggo’s face if she’s sitting close to her forever family, getting pets and scratches.

  • Lying down

Guide everyone to lie down on their backs and form a circle with their heads together and their legs outstretched. I’ll shoot these family photographs from above with the brilliant grass or textured ground as a backdrop.

  • The little things

Move in close for some sweet detail shots and more intimate portraits. Focus on faces, hands, and even that sweet curl on the baby’s forehead. Tight crops like these tend to get lots of likes on social media—you know, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Classic portrait requests

find out if they want you to photograph any specific groupings or moments. For example, many families will want:

  • entire family together

  • each parent with the kids

  • kids alone

  • parents alone

  • individual portraits

  • candid moments

Family Photos in Different Scenery

The background and environment of a photo shoot set the stage for how the family will interact. Each shoot will be unique because of the different dynamics of every family. However, in the snow, at the beach, or in nature the family portrait poses can be dependent on the environment.

  • Family Portrait Poses in the Snow

The winter is a great time of the year to take photos. Children look adorable bundled up in their snow gear, and the family will naturally pose closer together to stay warm in the chilly weather. Capturing the snow falling around the family as they pose and smile creates a soft texture in the pictures.

Try bringing fun into the shoot by pose around a snowman, peak out from snow-dusted pine trees, make snow angels, or have an impromptu snowball fight. All of these playful elements will bring personality and allow for really amazing candid shots.

  • Family Portrait Poses at the Beach

The beach is a beautiful backdrop for family photos; with a variety of terrains for an artistic and fun shoot. There are a lot of poses that can be done at the beach between the sand, the water, and the rocks. I will take pictures of the family sitting on the sand, building sandcastles, or having a picnic.

The blue water provides a lovely backdrop and depending on the age of the children, there could be pictures of them playing with the waves. Beaches with large rocks are great for creating perceptional depth for the picture; each member can stand or sit on a different sized rock, which gives the photo an artistic element.

  • Family Portrait Poses in Nature

Nature is a preferred backdrop for many family portraits especially at parks, forests, and trials. During autumn, when the leaves are turning stunning shades of yellow, orange, and red, people flock to these areas to pose at these gorgeous locations.

Family portrait posing ideas in nature depend greatly on each location; I will look for benches, horizontal trees, and rocks to take cute sitting pictures. A favorite picture is candid shots of the family throwing leaves in the air or having the subjects lying down in a bed of them, the background color gives the pictures a warm quality.

  • Family Poses for Christmas

Christmas pictures are fun to capture because sometimes the family is dressed up in the same outfits or in holiday-themed sweaters. These festive elements such as hats, stockings, and candy canes can make great props to enhance family photo posting ideas. Try a variety of posed and candid shots of the subjects acting happy and silly together.


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