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Business photography for your CV

We all know that one glance at a photo is enough to decide whether we trust someone.

That's why a well taken business and image photo is nowadays the absolute basis to stand out, for example on LinkedIn or to create an exceptional CV.

  • You need professional photos for LinkedIn, your website, social media or for your CV.

  • You are creating a personal brand and need good photos that are consistent with your business values.

  • You are an expert who frequently speaks in the trade press and speaks at conferences.

  • You serve as a company president, board member, director or specialist.

  • You are an actor or model and need face and body shots for your portfolio.

What is the difference between a business photo shoot and an portrait session?

  • Both types of photography are intended to show that you are a trustworthy professional who knows what you are doing.

  • In business photography (corporate photography), I focus on business body language, using the power of gestures and facial expressions.

  • The clothing is more formal and the make-up is perfectly chosen.

During the portrait session, in addition to your professionalism, I show your personality.

Before you start reviewing your wardrobe and choosing your outfit, consider how you want to be perceived. Not every position requires a suit and tie. If you want your business portrait to narrow the distance, don't create it with clothes. If, on the other hand, you feel that formal attire is an unwritten requirement of your position, bring it to the session. Be aware, however, that even a CEO or board member should sometimes show a human face. It's best to bring several outfits for the session.

I will advise you on the spot which ones are best to use. Try to choose clothes with classic colors. Avoid bright colors, thin dense stripes and full graphics on clothes and shiny, glossy fabrics.

The blouse or shirt should not be transparent (not see-through) and the material should not be too closely to the body (the button line should be straight). The neckline should not have deep cut-outs. If you have wide shoulders, choose a shirt with a low collar. Remember that turtlenecks may shorten the neck visually.

The creation of a professional business image is an area of practice which, until recently, was accessible only to a very small circle of people occupying the highest positions in corporations or diplomatic services. Nowadays, an increasing number of companies, organisations and institutions are becoming aware of the need to manage their own image and the power of its impact on the external environment.


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