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Photo session with a dog - is it worth it and how to prepare for it?

A photo session with a dog is definitely a fantastic souvenir. In the era of smartphones, when our phones are overloaded with photos of our pets, professional photos will be something special for you. Such photos are perfect to hang on the wall, and years later, they will bring back memories of time spent with our dog. A photo session can also be a great and unusual gift idea for a dog person!

For each model and your session, I take my time even before the session to learn as much as possible about you and your expectations. All this in order to properly adjust the place and circumstances of the session and create unforgettable DOGGRAPHY.

Participating in a photo session should first of all be a fun activity, for both you and your dog. In order to make the session enjoyable and put a smile on our dog's face, let's treat it as a game and an opportunity to spend time together. Take some delicious treats and your dog's favorite toy with you. As a warm-up, let's perform a few simple tricks with our dog. Also, a moment of playing with us will help to cheer up our pet and will be a great reward at the end of the session. During the session, take a break for a short walk and a free exploration of the area. Remember that it should be a pleasure not only for us, but also for our pet.

Whether your dog is a professional model or an amateur, who has no idea what a camera looks like or smells like, you can be sure that with proper preparation for the session, it won't matter, because he will come out well in the photos anyway 🙂 .


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