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How to prepare for a session?

If you're just thinking about capturing valuable moments in your life, and you don't know how to prepare for a photo shoot, then you're in the right place, at the right time. It is important to agree on the expectations of the client and the photographer.

It is worth to determine the scope of work and character of the session even before the photos:

- fashion photography

- glamour or beauty photography

- art photography boudoir

- outdoor photography

- wedding photography

- family photography,

- maternity photography

- photography for business and advertising purposes

Before you book a session date, it is worth considering what kind of photos you are dreaming of.

Do you want your photos to be romantic and airy, or energetic and brave?

Just take a look at the fashion magazines. Take a look at the photo sessions. See how the models pose.

Do you like this style or the opposite? Are there any photos that you don't like exceptionally?

Or maybe you want to appear before the lens as the only person. In what climate do you see your portraits?

Do you want photos that show your hobby, photos for a dating portal or maybe you see yourself in a stylized session?

Think about how you want to look like in the photos. If so, why? Look for inspiration about your hairstyle, makeup or even the subject of the photo session itself.

If you already have a subject of the photos, it's time for a place!

Consider if you prefer to take pictures outdoors or in a studio?

If you choose outdoor, think whether you see yourself more in a city session or you prefer green areas?

And if the city session is between charming tenement houses or among glass towers?

Do you prefer pictures in isolated places or among a crowd of people?

Answering these questions will definitely help you to adjust to your session. Don't forget to think about how much time you can spend on taking photos. It will be best if you choose a day in which you do not have to hurry too much and a nervous peek at your watch will not spoil your mood and beautiful frames.

Be well rested, eat something light. Remember that the lens sees more than the human eye and is able to catch any signs of tiredness.

Peeling - A few days before the photos it is worth to do a face and possibly the whole body peeling

Clothes, shoes - Take a few of your favorite styles with you. One more elegant, one more lifestyles, one more evening - everything depends on you. You will be able to change your clothes up to three times during a session. The shoes should be impeccably clean, especially when the session takes place in the studio.

Gadgets - watch, jewelry or even a hat is always good to have.

Nails - Mandatory nicely cut and clean nails, both men and women. Manicure and pedicure - preferably French or light pastel polish, but not pearl. The exception is a specific styling that requires a proper nail color.

Make up - If you decide on a session with make up and styling you will not have to be worry. Otherwise you will prepare it yourself, remember to choose the right color of the foundation for your skin, and that the photo makeup must be stronger than the daily one. Why? Flash/stand-light lights illuminate your face with mostly bright white light.

If there is something bothering you during a photo shoot or something causing you discomfort, just tell me about it. Let's get to know each other, talk to each other, smile - and then everything will go really well.

Try not to stress, relax and trust me. Your positive attitude will be a great help during the session. Think of something pleasant, tell me what you like to do, what things you like to do, what things you enjoy and what you value most.

If you love yourself during the session, the camera will love you too!


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